Introducing "The Chippie 2.0"

If ever there was a theme that guests shout about time and time again!

Becoming perfectly synonymous with the Six by Nico journey, this menu has been refined over the years being the first menu we now open every location with each time, only getting better.

Now, it's time for you to get your very own taste of Six by Nico nostalgia!

Are you ready to be transported back to that very first bite of Chips and Cheese? That very first moment you tried the Deep Fried Mars Bar and never wanted it to end?

Featuring our infamous, reimagined favourites The Chippie 2.0 promises an ode to everybody's favourite chip shop classics. Now, prepare to be enveloped by that classic Chip Shop Aroma!


Chips & Cheese
Parmesan Espuma & Crisp / Curry Oil / Brandade Croquette / Vinegar Powder / Brown Sauce

Scrabster Monkfish Cheek / Dill Emulsion / Gribiche / Peas / Beurre Blanc

Steak Pie
Speyside Beef Shin / Burnt Onion Ketchup / Mushroom Duxelle / 'Meaty Salsa'

Fish Supper
Shetland Cod / Pickled Mussels / Confit Fennel / Samphire / Beer Emulsion

Smoked Sausage
Trio of Pork / Apple / Black Pudding / Salt Baked Celeriac / Choucroute

Deep Fried Mars Bar
Chocolate Pave / Blood Orange Sorbet / Cocoa Nib

* full vegetarian menu also available


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